Why to study plants?

In my previous blog, you have known the definition of Botany. Now a question can come in your mind – why to know about plants? As we all know plants are an important source of food, fodder and fibres. These are also beneficial in maintaining an ecological balance. These major roles of plants which we come across in our day to day life may compel us to know many more interesting facts about them. To be more elaborate, suppose you are walking in a garden where you come across colourful flowers or green grass, a query may arise that what is the reason behind their colour, why their leaves are green etc..............................................................? Similarly, if you are consuming cereals or pulses or vegetables or fruits, once again a lot of questions may arise to know about them, as we are consuming these in our day to day life. So, to get answer to these queries and for many more upcoming questions that will come in our mind regarding plants one has to

What is Botany?

What is Botany? BOTANY is the branch of biological science that deals with the scientific study of plants. The term “Botany” is derived from Greek word “ botane ” which means “herb”.