What are the branches of Botany?

Branches of Botany
The subject botany is a wide area that includes all information related to plants ranging from smallest microorganism to the largest living organism, the giant Sequoia trees. This subject considers the in-depth knowledge that includes morphological, physiological, cytological etc details of plants.
Henceforth on the basis of the above aspect Botany has been subdivided into the following branches:
1.       Plant Morphology
2.       Plant anatomy
3.       Histology
4.       Cytology
5.       Plant genetics
6.       Plant Physiology
7.       Biochemistry
8.       Plant Taxonomy
9.       Plant Ecology
10.     Plant Breeding
11.     Embryology
12.     Palaeobotany
13.     Phytopathology
14.     Economic Botany
15.     Plant Biotechnology
16.     Genetic Engineering
17.     Molecular Biology
18.     Microbiology
19.     Palynology
20.     Biometrics
Apart these there are also specific study of certain groups of plants such as:
·        Phycology- study of algae
·        Mycology- study of fungi
·        Bryology- study of bryophytes
·        Pteridology-  study of pteridophytes
Allied branches of botany
·        Agronomy
·        Horticulture
·        Pharmacognosy
·        Forestry


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